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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FAQs on FAQs: Mobile? It's in there!

Welcome back to FAQs on FAQs, a series designed to help you get the most out of your FAQ site. Last time, we covered the automagic real-time chat and e-mail integrations built into every FAQ site. In this installment, we keep the built-in feature ball rolling and talk mobile.

Mobile patrons on a smart phone automagically see a mobile-specific view of your FAQ site rather than the default desktop view. The mobile view is built-in and works out of the box. No fancy programming required. No hours wasted fiddling. It just works.

Your mobile FAQ has four views - Search, Topics, Browse, and Ask Us. Search provides instant search results for queries. Topics provides a list of topics showing the number of questions tagged with that topic. Browse lists all your questions. Ask Us includes a mobile chat widget and e-mail form so that patrons can contact you.

You can visit your mobile FAQ directly by appending a "/m" to your FAQ's URL.

Have any suggestions for FAQs on FAQs topics? Want to get your own FAQ site going? (Remember, each LibraryH3lp trial and subscription comes with unlimited FAQs at no additional charge!) E-mail support and we'll make it happen. :-)

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