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Friday, August 11, 2023

Get your LibraryH3lp status alerts here

For many many years, we have used Twitter to publish LibraryH3lp system status alerts.  It was handy for a number of reasons, including that no one needed to be signed in with a Twitter account to read the messages.  Alas, things have changed and Twitter is not as convenient as it once was. 

In the interest of simplicity and visibility, we're moving our status alerts here, to our blog.  Status alerts will be located at the top of the right sidebar so you can quickly see if there is a known technical problem afoot in LibraryH3lp-land. 

System status alerts are issues that impact your staff's ability or your guest's ability to use LibraryH3lp in some way... Hardware failures, widespread networking issues and data center problems are all examples. Thankfully these sorts of issues are rare. Because these problems could mean that our servers are not reachable, our blog (hosted by Blogger) is a perfect place to share them.

We will continue to use the Message of the Day feature within the LibraryH3lp admin dashboard and webclient to share news items of general interest to our customers and their staff.

For those customers that still actively engage on Twitter, don't worry. We will continue to tweet the same status alerts we post to the blog so you will see and receive those important messages in the familiar way. 

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