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Thursday, January 24, 2013

New! In-place FAQ Editing

Starting today, you can edit your templates and FAQs directly in your FAQ site. In-place editing provides good visual feedback and streamlines workflow. You can see changes instantly and make use of the powerful search feature to edit existing questions.  This update is in place on all LibraryH3lp servers and My Customer Cloud.

login icon
To get started editing your FAQ, you'll need to login. Your FAQ site will pick up any existing login from the admin site or the webchat client. There is also a very small, subtle icon at the top right corner of your FAQ page that you can use to login. We went with subtle since you probably won't want your patrons to notice it.

edit & logout icons
Once you're logged in, you'll see a small pencil icon in the top right corner, along with a logout icon. The pencil icon lets you turn on editing mode. From there, you hover over portions of your FAQ site to see the edit controls for editing templates and content.

There is more to come.  Soon, you'll have tools that will let you create additional FAQ sites within a single account.  You'll be able to have a mix of public-facing and authentication-required FAQs. And, you'll be able to fully manage user permissions.

If you have any troubles editing your FAQ, want to create a new (or additional) FAQ, or want to change FAQ-wide settings (CNAME, theme, queue, e-mail, authentication required), please e-mail support.

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Beth R said...

Is there a way to get statistics on how many times our FAQ website is visited?