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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Tag for Followup email behavior

We've simplified the 'Tag for Followup' feature in the webchat client, making it more fine-grained and easier to set up1.  This change is currently only live on the main US server; it is not yet on the regional servers in Canada, Europe, and Singapore.

[Update Jan 23, 2012: This update is also now on the regional servers in Canada, Europe, and Singapore.]

Quick feature review:  Tag for Followup facilitates later followup on questions that can't be answered during the chat session by e-mailing the chat transcript (along with optional note).

The simplification lies in which email addresses are used.
  • The email address set for the queue (Queues tab in admin site) will receive Tagged messages, with one caveat. If the patron's chat widget specified a profile argument, then the email address for the profile's queue will be used instead of the queue's email.
  • The operator that clicks Tag for Followup will always receive a copy of a Tagged message, if that operator has an email address defined in the Users tab.  

To ease the transition to the new, easier method, we auto-populated queue emails system-wide.
  1. If the queue already had an email set, we left it alone.
  2. If no queue email was available, we used the email set in the Users tab for the user that owned the queue.  
  3. If no queue or queue owner email was available, we used the email set in the Users tab for the top-level admin user.  
  4. If no queue, queue owner, or top-level admin email was available, we used the contact email from time of account registration.

You can use the Queues tab in the admin site to view and change these pre-populated email addresses.  And, if we have auto-populated your queues with email addresses and you would prefer to start with a blank slate, please email our support account; we can reset them to empty to save you some clicking.

If you have a lot of queues and you're a bit of a power user, you might find it handy to use our API to retrieve a list of your queues and associated settings.  You can retreive a list using your web browser.  First, login to the admin website with your top-level admin user.  Then, visit the following URL:

Still to come: the ability to see which chats were Tagged for Followup in the Activity area.

1Previously, Tag for Followup emailed the top-level admin user (typically this is the email account used to initially register the account) and any admin-equivalents.  It also emailed any email address provided in the user properties in the admin site for the queue owner AND the operator involved in the chat. 

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