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Monday, March 11, 2013

Important webchat client updates

Happy Monday! We've rolled out an updated version of our native webchat client.  This release includes significant improvements that simplify staffing workflows and increase robustness.  Let's take a look!

Flexible queue selection dialog.  Have a lot of queues?  We've placed a time-saving "Select All/None" checkbox near the top.  And if you happen to have a loooooong list of queues, you'll get a scrollbar to more easily navigate the list on a variety of screen sizes.

All/None checkbox on queue selection dialog.

New questions appear behind active conversations.  New chats can't "jump to the front of the line" by hijacking typing focus from a current chat. Incoming chat windows appear behind existing chat windows.

Auto-reconnect.  The webchat client does a better job of cleanly reconnecting after brief network dropouts. 

Attention-grabbing disconnect alerts.   When network problems totally disconnect you from our server, we'll alert you with the familiar "sonar ping" sound on a 30 second loop.  And if you have Desktop Notifications enabled in Firefox or Chrome, you'll also receive a visual alert in the same style that you would for an incoming chat, even if you have the webchat client minimized or hidden behind other applications.

Desktop alert above system tray showing disconnect.

Character counter for SMS questions appears all the time, not just when composing.  It's a bright orange 140 character countdown in the top right conversation window corner that only shows up for SMS messages.  The webchat client has had it since the beginning, but until now, it only showed up when the librarian was actively typing.  Now it is there all the time, as a further alert that you've got someone texting, in addition to an optional special queue avatar.

Orange character countdown for SMS in top right corner.
This queue also has a special cell phone avatar for further
alerting that the patron is texting.

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