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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Google Voice SMS + LibraryH3lp

Using Google Voice SMS for text messaging at your library? You can forward those incoming text messages from patrons to LibraryH3lp! When you include LibraryH3lp's SMS add-on with your subscription, text messages sent to your Google Voice number will appear instantly as chats to all librarians staffing your virtual reference service.  And, text messages can be transferred just like any other chat in LibraryH3lp.

If your service is offline when the text message comes in, the patron will receive your customized offline auto-response.  You'll receive the patron's message the next time that queue comes online, along with a note indicating how long ago the patron originally sent the text.

If you're staffing with our webchat client, LibraryH3lp will detect that your patron is coming in on a phone number, and you'll get a character countdown to assist librarians in making shorter replies.

Incoming text message in the LibraryH3lp webchat client.

Already have the LibraryH3lp SMS add-on and want to fold in your Google Voice SMS number?Contact us at for step-by-step instructions on how to set up forwarding.

Interested in a no-risk trial of the SMS add-on? Google Voice SMS forwarding is just one of the many features available. Contact us at to get started. Our SMS packages are very affordable; the $50 package sees most libraries through a full year of service.

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