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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Transfers without Transcript Storage

Not quite a month ago, we released transfers and transcripts simultaneously. Transfers let your librarians send a chat or an IM (from a gateway) to another librarian or to another queue on your system. This gives patrons another way to become connected to the librarian best able to answer their question. Originally, admins had to opt into storage of transcripts on in order for transfers to work. This is no longer required.

Now, transfers are enabled even when transcripts are not being stored. These sessions are only kept in temporary memory for the duration of the actual chat. Storing the session this way means that librarians receiving transfers can read the prior text of the chat, so that patrons do not have to repeat themselves. But once that chat is over, the transcript is *poof* gone.

Of course, if you've enabled transcripts for any of your queues, things will continue to work as usual, and you can always delete individual transcripts. In the future, we will be adding more features to the admin interface to give you even more control over the management of your transcripts.

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