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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Webchat client beta improvements. Keep that feedback coming!

Last week, we released a completely revamped webclient for staffing as a beta. So far it has been a big hit! We've received many positive comments and suggestions for improvement, which we've folded into the beta:

  • Most recent message is included as part of the page title.
  • Alternating favicons in browser tab provide a subtle visual alerting for new messages.
  • Block unruly patrons even after the guest closes the chat widget.
  • Chat metadata includes indicator when patron is text messaging. And a character countdown appears to the right of the chat management toolbar to help you compose shorter responses to texting patrons. 
  • Added guard against empty buddy nicknames in your contacts list.
  • Added an erase message history button for chats sent directly to you, via colleagues on your buddy list or via widgets that contact you personally instead of a queue.  Reminder: these direct IMs are never logged in Activity. The erase message history button lets you instantly clear your current chat window of the prior conversation.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback thus far. Please keep your suggestions coming. 

Haven't had a chance to try it yet? Give it a spin - Main US serverCanadian serverEuropean serverSingapore server

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