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Sunday, August 2, 2015

New FAQ customization options

FAQ sites received an update this weekend.  This update brings the ability to customize the wording for everything that shows up for users viewing your FAQ.  This is especially important because it means that the public view of a FAQ in a non-English language can be fully translated now, with no pesky English-language default system components in view. And of course, if your FAQ is in English, you can now fully customize all of the default labels.

These new customizations build on functionality previously available within FAQ templates. Specifically:
  1. To customize the 'Not finding what you need? Contact us' phrase, add this to your base.html template somewhere within the BODY element:

    <div id="contact-us" style="display:none">Custom text</div>
  2. To customize the 'Ask Us!' button in the instant search results, add this to your base.html template somewhere within the BODY element:

    <div id="ask-us" style="display:none">Custom text</div>
  3. To customize the 'All' topic in the search.html template, you'll need to update the 'All' wording in the #current-topic element then you'll need add the following to the base.html template:

    <div id="all-topics" style="display:none">Customization</div>
New to LibraryH3lp FAQs? The LibraryH3lp FAQ module lets you create your own custom external or internal (password-protected) searchable, browseable knowledgebase. You get unlimited independent FAQ sites with your LibraryH3lp subscription. FAQs are simple to build and if you have an existing FAQ outside of LibraryH3lp, we can help you import it. 

Want to see what others have done with the LibraryH3lp FAQ module? Check out our Pinterest board showcasing super neat FAQ customizations. And let us know if you have a FAQ you'd like to see included in the Pinterest board.  We'd love to add it!

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