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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tracking Chats Tagged for Followup

When chat originates over a queue, you can tag that chat for follow-up -- even if the chat has already ended. Usually a chat is tagged for follow-up because the guest cannot be fully helped immediately and some sort of follow-up action is required.  Most commonly, chats are tagged for follow-up via email. However, LibraryH3lp also offers a DeskTracker integration that works with tag for follow-up.

How do I find out which chats were tagged for email follow-up?

You can see which chats were tagged for email follow-up from the Chat History page in either the dashboard or webclient for staffing with the Tags column.  By default, the Tags column is hidden since not everyone uses the tag for follow-up feature, but it is easy show it using the drop-down menu in any of the column headings.
Click the Columns... item from the Column Settings drop-down menu to access the Metadata Column Settings. Click the checkbox next to Tags and then OK and you're set.  
Any chat tagged for follow-up via email will have a "follow-up" entry in the Tags column as part of its metadata.

How do I tag a chat for follow-up?

In the webclient for staffing, there is a tag for follow-up button that is included with every chat over a queue.
Operators using an external client such as Pidgin or Adium should click on the "chat management link" that displays at the top of each chat and begins, "For transfers, etc..." to tag chats for follow-up.

Still using the old /webchat/ client?

Don't worry, chats tagged using the old, original /webchat/ client will still be tagged as usual and you'll get the expected email with the chat transcript and operator note.  But, chats that are tagged by operators using that legacy /webchat/ client will not be identifiable in the Chat History area as described above.  

If you're still using the legacy /webchat/ client, keep an eye on its login page for news of its long-awaited retirement.  And in case you missed it, the modern webclient now has an option for the familiar individual floating, draggable, resizable chat windows, so it's easier to switch than ever.

Not sure which LibraryH3lp client you're using?  You can look at the URL in your web browser and look for the word "webchat" or "webclient."  And have a look at the login screen:

Not sure which client you're using?  Check the login screen appearance.

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