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Monday, December 17, 2018

Updates to the webclient and sharing tool

Webclient: easier snapshot and file sharing

You no longer need to launch the new sharing tool in order to send snapshots or files to your guests!   

Now, you can simply use the regular message composition portion of your chat window to:
  1. Drag-and-drop any file from your file manager or desktop.  OR
  2. Paste images from your clipboard.  These can be captured through whatever screen capture method you already use, such as print-screen, or any snipping tool, or Jing (use its built-in Copy button rather than uploading to screencast or saving the file).

Right click in the typey box, then paste!  Or you can ctrl-v.

After you paste in an image, you can either just send it along right away, or you can have it pulled into the snapshot editor, where you can annotate it with arrows, boxes, etc..., prior to sending it to the guest.

After you paste an image, you can either mark it up with the sharing tool or just send it.

Webclient: improved staff-side communications

Have you ever wanted to send a file or image when chatting directly with a colleague or maybe share a file within a conference room, in the same way that you can already do with guests?  Now you can! Operators staffing chat within the webclient for staffing can send files to other operators and send files to conference rooms.  And there are three ways to do it:

  1. use the handy paper clip button just above the typing area for your chat, 
  2. drag and drop any file to the typing area for the chat or conference room, 
  3. or click in the typing area and use Ctrl-v to paste an image from your clipboard.

Sharing tool: guest images go straight to your snapshot editor

When you have the sharing tool open and a guest sends you an image, that image will automatically open up into the snapshot editor. This makes it even easier to edit images and send them back to the guest. In case you missed it, the sharing tool, which debuted about a month ago, lets you share snapshots with guests and even view the guest's screen if their browser supports it.

We have more exciting enhancements coming to the sharing tool which are in active development.  More soon!

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