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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Updates to Chat History and 3mail (now with Message Templates!)

Here's the rundown of the latest round of improvements now live on all LibraryH3lp regions.

Chat History

Improved sorting: When you sort the table by multiple columns, the sort order of each column is included in the header as a parenthetical number.  Sorting precedence starts at 1 and goes up from there for each additional sorted column.  Click the parenthetical number to change the sorting precedence.

Chat History sorted by Operator, then Duration

Resetting Searches: You can slice and dice chat searches every which way.  When you're done exercising those keen ninja search skills, there's a reset button available to get you back to the default view of the latest week's worth of chats.  Previously, this button cleared out search completely, which meant you would see all chats for all time which, in retrospect, was a bit much.

Search reset button circled in red

Refreshing the table:  To see any new chats started since the Chat History page was loaded in your browser, there's a refresh button just above the table.  We fixed a bug that sometimes created an unnecessary next page of results. 

Tag column: Did you know there was a Tags column available in the table?  It is hidden by default since not everyone uses Tag for Follow-up.  But if you and your colleagues do use Tag for Follow-up and if the Tags column is visible, then you'll see "follow-up" for any chat shown in the table that were tagged for follow-up.  We've added a reminder to the Chat History page that asks if you'd like to reveal the Tags column when it detects there are chats tagged for follow-up and the Tags column is hidden.


NEW! Message Templates: Store commonly used bits of text as templates on a mailbox within the mailbox settings.  These message templates can easily be inserted into an email draft to save you some (possibly lots!) of typing.

Auto-responder (vacation): Fixed bug which made editing your auto-responder reply vexing.

Bulk Move/Spam/Tag/Trash actions: Fixed bug where the email listing could get out of sync when some actions were performed on all emails shown.

CC Recipients: If present, the cc recipients for an email will be shown when viewing an email.  Previously, you had to click the info icon for an email to see any cc recipients.

Mailbox Reply-To: A custom reply-to email address for your mailbox can be added in the Queues Management page of the admin dashboard.  A reply-to address should be an established, institutional email address that forwards its email to 3mail.

Double-check emails to self: If you try to send an email to your 3mail mailbox from your 3mail mailbox, you'll see a prompt that lets you know this is the case, just in case emailing yourself wasn't your actual intent.

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