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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Important update for LibraryH3p API users

LibraryH3lp is unique in many ways, and one of the things we have always done differently is to have an API-driven design.  Because we have actual APIs and use those APIs to create everything you see in LibraryH3lp, you can script, integrate, and automate anything you might want to do with any of our products.

The flip-side of this is we have to work continuously to keep that API secure in the wild-west of the Internet and we plan to put in place further API protections in the near future as part of ongoing security efforts.  Unfortunately this is a breaking change to our API, but it is not a breaking change to our SDK.  

Python SDK users need to update to version 0.2.0 using pip 
If you have put in-place LibraryH3lp automation using the SDK, all you need to do to keep your code working with our API changes is to update to the latest SDK.

Here's how: pip install lh3api -U

Custom scripts using cURL, PHP, or other?
If you use the LibraryH3lp API for automation but not the LibraryH3lp Python SDK, then you'll need to amend your requests to include X-Api-Version as part of the request header.  That's it!

None of this sounds familiar?
Don't worry, only users that have specifically written custom code using our APIs need to make any changes.  And if you are simply using our presence API to check for the status of your queues or users, no changes are needed.

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