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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Screensharing with Guests in Chrome 72+

Great news everyone!  If a guest chats with you in Chrome 72 or higher, you can now screenshare with them with no special extension, plugin, or download required for either party.  That means that any guest using a secure chat box in Chrome (72+) or Firefox or Edge is available for screensharing to operators using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari should the need arise.

Safari probably will support guest-side screensharing. Eventually. Someday.

And alas, Internet Explorer 11 will never support screensharing.  As Dr. McCoy would say, "He's dead, Jim."  But the good news with Internet Explorer 11 is that snapshots will work.  In fact, the awesome snapshot tool, which allows operators to paste in screens shots, mark them up, and send them to the guest, works in any modern browser. 

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