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Sunday, January 20, 2019

More updates to 3mail (and Sharing Tool)

Last week, we announced some updates to LibraryH3lp's email module, 3mail.  This week we've made even more improvements!  For those of you not already familiar with 3mail, the 3mail module transforms a queue in your LibraryH3lp account in to a mailbox shared by all operators staffing the queue.  So if you don't already have an email solution for customer support or are looking for something different, 3mail might be just the thing!  Unlimited use of 3mail is included in all subscriptions at no extra charge.

Also we've added a new markup tool for marking up snapshots in the recently released sharing tool.  We'll cover that first and then dive into 3mail updates.

Update 2019/01/26: These updates are now available on all servers. To ensure you have the latest, hold down the SHIFT key while clicking Reload/Refresh in your browser at the login screen.

Sharing Tool update

Previously, there was a markup tool called "Highlight" which (in retrospect) would have been more aptly named "Shadowbox" since everything outside the selected rectangle was darkened and the tool didn't involve a color selection at all.  So renaming it is exactly what we've done.  The new "Shadow Box" tool is the old "Highlight" tool. 

Plus we've added a new "Highlight" tool that works exactly as you would expect a highlighting marker to work using the available color tools.

Shadowbox and Highlight Tools for Snapshots (and meet Cherry, our latest LibraryH3lp hire!)

3mail email address autocomplete

We've added type-ahead autocomplete when adding email addresses to drafts.  The autocomplete suggests up to 10 matches for any 3-character or longer sequence and works much like the autocomplete for chat canned messages.

3mail address autocomplete typeahead with drop-down suggestions.

Double-check when sending emails with no subject

There's nothing wrong with sending an email with no subject, but sometimes that's not what you're after.  So now 3mail will confirm with you before sending emails without subjects.

Double-check when sending email without a subject

3mail Bug Fixes

  • Fixed display of inline images in emails.
  • Can easily reply to any message within an email thread, not just the last.
  • Avoid redundant use of Re: and Fwd: in subjects when sending emails.

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