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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Updates to categories and 3mail

Hi all!  Just a couple quick updates we wanted to let you know about...

Nested categories

Recently, we introduced a new feature called categories which allows you to tag your chats with topical categories for all kinds of meta-analysis.  We've expanded the notion of categories to optionally include hierarchy.  You can nest your categories within other categories to build structure into your meta-analysis and/or to help organize categories when multiple departments might share the same account.

Nesting "printing" under an existing "info-commons" category.

Showing all tags that start with "info-commons*" using the asterisk * wild card.

Inline images in 3mail

We've also added a new feature to 3mail -- sending inline images.  Previously, you could include images in emails as attachments, but now you can also elect to include an image in the body of your email message.  You can use the image button in the 3mail editor, Ctrl-v, or drag and drop to insert an image.

Inline image screenshot in 3mail

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